SOFTWARE desktop-raine

raine from twokinds, right on your desktop!

installation requirements:

if you're on windows, raine.exe and SDL2.dll must be in the same folder for this program to run, and it cannot be run from the zip file.

if you're on linux, you need to make sure you have SDL2 installed on your system.

on either platform, the executable file and the img folder must be in the same folder together. alternatively, you can place the files contained within the img folder in either of these directories, depending on your platform:

if for some reason you can't do either of those things, or you want to load your own "skin", you can pass the path of an image folder as an argument when starting the program. just be sure it contains all the right files.

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Initial Release: 1.0

This is the initial release. Below are the attached executables, zipped, and with their applicable resources.

Please note: the executable must be kept in the same directory as img in order to run. If you are on windows, the same applies to SDL2.dll.