liminal spaces definition

people often will attempt to define what a liminal space is, positing ridiculous theories that stem from the existence of mere patterns, or even from the literal definition of the word "liminal" itself.

as such, meaningless restrictions are often applied to the definition of liminal spaces, including, but not limited to:

in truth, there is no definition.

liminal spaces are liminal if they evoke a particular feeling in a viewer. because many people in the modern age have had somewhat similar childhoods, lives, and experiences, their responses to certain stimuli will be somewhat similar.

however, it has been demonstrated that not all people have the same emotional response to such visual or auditory stimulation that most would describe as liminal, especially if such persons have lived their lives outside of the united states. this is because the criteria for a liminal space is entirely different for each person.

as such, the liminal spaces in this collection have been placed here because they evoke such a feeling in me, sasha koshka, the owner of this website. i strongly encourage anyone considering collecting images of this sort to choose them based solely on their responses to the images as well.