cursed english

cursed english is a reformed dialect of modern english. it is possibly the best language to exist thus far.

====Mechanichs and gramnor====
cursed english has funny grammar.
we will start off with sentence structure:

normal english has a subject verb object sentence structure. cursed english has a strictly object subject verb sentence structure.
so what would be in normal enlgish:
"i throw the ball"
would be in cursed english:
"the ball i throw"
this causes yoda to cream his jeans.

now, onto tense:
in english, words like going, is, and was are used to denote tense. cursed english takes a different approach.
"the ball i throwpast"
"the ball i throwago"
"the ball i throwfuture"
just use whatever word you feel like :) as long is it denotes tense in some way

is there conjugation?
yes! but conjugation tends to be complicated in english. thats why, for every verb, you just tack an o at the end of the infinitive.
"the ball i throwopast"
when the verb is sexual in nature, however, an e is used.
"the ball i throwepast"

in normal english, you have faulty pronoun raferences. i have implemented a genius fix:
"the ball i throwepast to hehe, he hehe throwepast to i"
it is important to note, that "he" is the only 3rd person pronoun. we don't need the others!

now for some prepositions:
in cursed english, prepositions are treated as adverbs.
this means:
"the ball i throwepast toly hehe, he hehe throwepast toly i"

in cursed english, things are spelled exactly how the sound.
sounds made with digraphs have been dropped, as there must only be 1 letter per sound.
so we need to write our sentence like this:
"ta bal ai troepast tuli hihi, hi hihi troepast tuli ai"

english | cursed
yes     | no
no      | yes