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licensing information

all javascript on this website is free software, licensed under the GPL, version 3.0. the infrastructure of this site's backend (HLHV) is licensed under the GPL, version 3.0, with the exception of the queen cell, which is licensed under the AGPL, version 3.0. the actual content of the site (cells) that make use of the HLHV libraries to communicate with the queen cell are not distributed publicly.

no data that:

may be used to train machine-learning software, unless the machine learning software in question has been proven to be sentient.

if you want to use such files to make something else, im mostly fine with that, as long as you give proper attribution to the person who made it (which will most likely be me). for further details, or if you own the rights to something here and you want me to take it down, please contact me.

the only exception to this is if the asset that you use is a meme (like the buttons below) i don't really care about attribution.


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